Mind over matter

Sand can be your biggest nemesis or you dearest friend. Imagine looking forward to a good blast instead of dreading it.

Hopping over two foot high log like it was a kerb is a pretty cool trick, and it's not as hard as you might think.

There are an endless number of scenarios we could list with an endless number of skills to match. Lets just get out there and get started. We really believe that fines and technique will get you through better than determination and brute force.

When the going gets tough, get your brain into gear.

You need

A helmet.


Long sleeves.

Long pants.

MX style boots.

Camelback with 3 litre capacity.

A bike.


3hr clinic

One on one

$110 each

Bike rental

Happy to help

Off road skills are as varied as the people that ride. Every time we go out we expect to change the focus of what we do, and the techniques we look at.

Whether you have skills you'd specifically like to work on, or you'd simply like to build your confidence, we're happy to help.



"Making fast riding easy"

After spending time with Tim, I was sliding in and driving out of corners faster than I thought was possible. Making fast riding easy was the key to enjoying and progressing in enduro events.

— Reuben Gwilliam

"Helping others makes him tick"

After being around Tim from a young age it was clear to see that helping others is what makes him tick. It wasn't until he dragged me out to the race track that his incredible knowledge of how to safely push a motorcycle to its limit was made clear. He got me from dead last to well in the hunt for some competitive finishes.

— Lachie O'Brien

"Happily recommend"

I've been racing with Tim for a little while now, a group of us share a pit and race together at Hidden Valley. Tim certainly has a way with words in explaining advice and discussing riding. I'd be happy for Tim to teach anyone I know and will happily recommend him to friends.

— Matt Godwin