Big bikes are cool

An Adventure bike can be a frightening piece of kit to lug around the bush; they can be pretty intimidating when they lose traction or get off balance. But sliding 1200cc's around a sweeping bend on a gravel road is one of the coolest feelings a rider can have.

Stage One through to Stage Five build layer upon layer of confidence and control. Each exercise we do becomes achievable because of the skills learned before. We start with the fundamentals and explain why things work the way they do, and we clearly demonstrate each and every drill.

Your learning won't be hurried, but you'll be surprised by how much you achieve.

Your bike wants you to do it. Book now.

   We work on

  • Neutral body position
  • Flow, how to feel it
  • Where to focus on the trail ahead
  • How to take a dab (put your foot down)
  • Using the brakes off road
  • Really using the brakes
  • General 'Body English'
  • Hill climbs and hill descents
  • Recovering if you stall on a hill
  • Recovering when you're bogged
  • Lifting a dropped bike
  • Basic bike set up
  • And plenty more....


3hr clinic

$149 each

One on one

Bike rental

We include
Water, snacks, shade & bike cleaning facilities

You need

A helmet


Long sleeves

Long pants

MX style boots





"Passion for bikes"

I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn to ride or simply improve their skills, to give Tim and BIKE YOU a go. Not only a very experienced instructor but Tim's passion for bikes, talent as a rider and his exceptional way with people means you can't lose

— Kerry Johnson (METAL)

"Trust what the bike can do"

I can't recommend Tim highly enough as a teacher for any type of riding. I had been riding for many years already but after spending time with Tim my skills improved out of sight. His ability to communicate and demonstrate is fantastic and he always makes riding more fun. The biggest lesson I learned with Tim was to trust what the bike can do.

— Paul Meyer

"Couldn't thank him enough!"

Tim's riding ability is undoubtably amazing! I have personally progressed so much quicker than I thought with only half a dozen rides with Tim. Couldn't thank him enough.

— Phil Kuebler