You need



Long sleeves

Long pants

MX style boots



It's all about foundations

Stage One Off Road looks at the basics of off road riding. You'll develop confidence and a feeling of security whilst off road and you will understand why your bike is doing what it does. 

Stage Two builds on this and explores more ways to control your bike. You'll be surprised by the confidence you feel and the control you have.

Stage three, four and five add layers of skill that build gradually and naturally on top of the ones learnt before. There are plenty of reminders along the way and we always refer back to the basics.       This is simply how bikes work!

After a while you will start to see how the experts do it, how they work with the bike and how they 'talk' to it.

  We work on

  • Neutral body position

  • Flow, how to feel it

  • Where to focus on the trail ahead

  • How to take a dab (put your foot down)

  • Using the brakes off road

  • Really using the brakes

  • General 'Body English'

  • Hill climbs and hill descents

  • Recovering if you stall on a hill

  • Recovering when you're bogged

  • Lifting a dropped bike

  • Basic bike set up

  • And plenty more....


3hr clinic

$149 each

One on one

Bike rental

We include
Water, snacks, shade & bike cleaning facilities


Super stoked with our video, give it a watch and let us know if it made you want to go out and ride your bike.


"Helped me get much more control and confidence"

I'd been riding for years but my first try at sand and I was all over the place. Tim gave me some really good pointers on where to position my body and keep the bike up and out of trouble and with guidance he helped me get much more control and confidence.

— Luke Ingrams

"A wealth of experience"

Tim Walker has a wealth of experience on a motorcycle covering a wide range of riding disciplines. He's ridden trials for years, enduro, MX, road racing and big adventure rides (Australia to Calcutta big enough?) As much as Tim loves to ride he also loves to share the passion by assisting others. He uses his range of skills from various disciplines to pass on advice on riding techniques, either general or for a specific situation/problem. The same knowledge goes into setting a bike up for the most performance, safety and comfort. He's a great teacher being outgoing (without being overbearing) and friendly, but his passion for all things motorcycle sets him apart that bit more.

 Brent Josling

"I have worked with Tim many times and always looked forward to it"

I have worked with Tim many times and always looked forward to it, his people skills combined with his riding skills and extensive experience both on and off road made him an excellent instructor. I would happily recommend him to anyone employing instructors or needing instruction.

 Peter Twigg (METAL)