Will I be riding with people of a similar ability?

If you are licensed for a motorcycle (L's are sufficient), and you're keen to give it a go, you'll be fine on a guided ride. The tours are matched to suit the ability of riders so it's important that you're honest about your standard and you tell us plenty about your experience. We do our utmost to only put riders of similar ability together.

Our tour guides are there to help you along the way whether that's to teach you a new technique or challenge the skills you have. All our tours will have a qualified instructor on them, which means we can accurately assess and assist where we need to.

We constantly assess riders and the situation to tailor every ride 'on the go'. This way we can hot it up or cool it down as required.

  1. Beginner 1 - You can ride a bike, but you've either never been off road or you've done very little.

  2. Beginner 2 - You've done some off road riding but you’re not very confident and you’re likely to be at the back of the pack.

  3. Intermediate 1 - You've ridden quite a bit, maybe on a variety of differing terrain. But you're certainly not an expert and you would be best suited easier trails.

  4. Intermediate 2 – You’re reasonably competent off road in most terrain. Whilst you’re not going to win races, you may have ridden in a few and you can look after yourself.

  5. A-Grade - Lots of experience and reasonably quick. Unless you’re pushing really hard you rarely fall and you can get through some pretty technical terrain

  6. Jack the Biscuit - You're a gun and you'll tackle anything.

What will the conditions be like?

Well, in the dry season it will be dry and dusty, and in the wet season it will be wet and muddy.

Each trail has differing conditions and characteristics. We've got deep soft sand, rocky technical terrain, nice wide open dirt roads, flood plain, tight single track and the list goes on.

Best thing might be to give us a call and chat it through if you're keen to psych yourself up. 

How about safety?

Our Tours are safe! 

We've worked closely with advisers from the NT WorkSafe Small Business Safety Program and they've trawled through our paperwork, policies and procedures with a fine tooth comb. We're confident that we are providing the very best back up we can, to every single ride that we do. (If you see a gap please tell us, we are committed to learning and improving).

We will always carry adequate communications. This includes satellite communication if we're out of mobile range.

Our guides are trained in first aid. We're not paramedics or highly qualified, but we're up to date and we understand what to do in the case of an accident. 

You will be briefed on what to expect from the trail each day. Our first concern will always be safety, both yours and ours. If the trail has changed significantly, or if the conditions have made it potentially dangerous, we won't hesitate in making a change to a safer route.

Do you offer advice or coaching?

Yes, although a guided tour is not meant to be a training session. We love becoming better riders ourselves and we love sharing our knowledge with others, so please speak up while we're on the ride and ask for some direction. We do specific off road coaching sessions regularly, and if you're keen we can set up something specifically for you. Do this before we go on a ride and you'll enjoy the ride more.

Riding in a group with a qualified instructor means we can assist riders and help you to get out of trouble. It also means we're in a good position to assess riding ability and avoid trouble before we get there. We're not mechanics and we don't have any mechanical qualifications, but we've been around bikes for a long time and we're capable of sorting out most things from flat tyre to drowned bike.

How fast will we be going?

That depends entirely on you. We spend most of our time at about seven-tenths, which is fast enough to stay alert and to be engaged but slow enough to be well within our skill level. So, that means the responsibility is on you to set your own pace. When riders get sucked along by a mate that's a faster rider it often ends in tears, but it's also important not to stay behind someone significantly slower than you.

Cancelation Policy

If canceling less than 7 days before your tour a 25% cancelation fee will be charged. Please give us as much notice as you can and we'll do our best to accomodate what ever changes work best for you.

Am I responsible for the bike?

In a word - yes.

However, we're pretty fair and riding through the bush means a few scuffs and scratches are going to be inevitable. If you have a tumble and the plastics are damaged, we won't be chasing you for replacements. If you're clearly riding outside of your ability and you cause thousands of dollars worth of damage through recklessness, you will end up paying for it.

Corner Man System

Our guide will always ride in front and you must not pass him. With groups of more than four we will also have a tail end rider (sweep) and you must not drop behind them. At every turn the guide will stop and get the rider directly behind him to stay put until the sweep arrives. This person is the Corner Man. The Corner Man points his bike in the direction of travel so that other riders don't need to be directed or stop to ask. If the trail is obvious the guide won't place a Corner Man. DO NOT MOVE UNTIL THE SWEEP TELLS YOU TO. Even if you end up sitting there for an hour, because if you move the system falls down and people get lost.

Here it is in dot point, just so we're clear.

  • Don't pass the lead rider or the sweep.

  • Corner Man must point their bike in the direction of travel.

  • Corner Man must stay on the corner until the sweep indicates for you to go.


Do you Rent bikes?

Yes, for our guided tours.

But for you to ride without us? No, sorry.

Where do Tours start from?

Some Tours start from the heart of Darwin city. Some start from our HQ in the Darwin rural area (30mins from the city). Some Tours start on location waaay out in the bush.

Hotel pick up?

Sure. Anywhere within an hour or so from Darwin is ok. No charge for pick up and drop off.