Duncan has had a long military career which has allowed him to travel the world and get to ride motorbikes in some spectacular settings.

From the most remote parts of Australia’s deserts, to the amazing hill country of East Timor, to the Thunder Valley MX track near Denver Colorado in the USA. Duncan has had some fun times riding a dirt bike.

He first started riding bikes way back when fluoro clothes were ‘fashionable’ the first time and “Aerobics Oz Style” was the best show on morning TV (the more mature amongst us will smile and nod knowingly). In those days, the bikes that he and his mates learnt to ride on were a CR500, an RM250 and a TT500. That TT500 thing was a weapon and it’s amazing that Duncan survived to tell the tale.


Trying to kick start a TT500 was an adventure in pain just waiting to happen



Duncan stepped away from riding regularly (although he did still enjoy getting out on his beloved XR400) when he became heavily involved with Rugby Union, playing at a high level representing the Army and then later as a part of the coaching staff.

But the lure of MX and Enduro racing eventually sucked him back in.

Those races lead to achieving a lifelong goal when he entered and finished his first attempt at the Finke Desert race. To this day, Duncan says that the Finke is the hardest thing he has done, both mentally and physically. Duncan went on to finish Finke several times.


Duncan never turns down an opportunity to go riding in the scrub, and he still competes in as many motocross races as he can. It is a passion that he loves to share with others and he takes great pride in watching riders grow in the sport.

It is this passion that he wants to pass on to others. 

Passion for the sport is also why Duncan is still racing at the MX Nationals each year against the best this country has to offer in the Vets Over 40’s class.



Duncan is an MA Level 1 Coach as well as an MA Qualified Official