You will need

Helmet, motorcycle specific gloves and jacket.

A pair of jeans and boots that lace up tight are a minimum, but some motorcycle specific jeans and boots are preferable.

If you can get hold of a set of leathers, that would be the best.

We will push you and you will learn

For riders of all abilities including everyone but the absolute beginner. This course is for those that wish to become better riders on the street. The race track is the perfect controlled environment for this because there are huge areas of run out on most corners. The track is clean, there are no trees, power poles or animals and there's no traffic other than bikes travelling the same direction.

We focus on braking and cornering. We take those core skills and gently push your limits in a variety of situations.

This course is not about racing, although there will be heaps of time to let your hair down on the race track. Those riders with more experience will really enjoy it as there's no substitute for hours on a track.

We will have strict rules regarding overtaking and behaviour around other riders to ensure safety at all times.

We focus on the following

Preparation and set up for a corner

Counter steering and control mid corner

High speed braking

Body position

Line choice

Advanced Road Craft 26th of November
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