In April we're going to Bali for three days of incredible riding. Rice paddies, jungle, volcanos and mile upon mile of the most incredible beaches.

For three days  we'll be riding some of the best trails Bali has to offer. Bali Dirt Bikes will be guiding us through the Kintamani Forrest, The Roof of Bali, East Coast and Tabanan Jungle. The trails will suit intermediate and advanced riders.

Places are limited - Book now

Weekend of April the 28th 2018


Beer is extra

But the following things are included; airport transfers, four nights accomodation (more can be arranged), breakfast, lunch, dinner, enough guides, all your fuel, and motor insurance (you don't pay for damages).

Bring your socks and jocks

But everything else is supplied, including; helmet, jersey, pants, knee pads, elbow pads, chest protector, boots, gloves, goggles. You can rent a GoPro for $10 a day and you probably should - this is going to be one hell of a ride!


Prices will vary between $1,100 and $1,290 depending on the bike you choose and the exchange rate at the time of booking.

Flights are not included

  • Bikes available are all KTM and mostly Six Day Edition.
  • '16  250 EXC-F        One bike available
  • '17  250 EXC-F        This bike is already taken for the April tour
  • '17  250 EXC           This bike is already taken for the April tour
  • '17  300 EXC           This bike is already taken for the April tour
  • '18 .250 EXC-F        One bike available

You need adequate travel insurance

This is important, get yourself some insurance. (Let us know if you need help)



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