Andrew has been riding motorbikes since 1981, ever since he convinced his parents to allow him to have a one.

One of the first things Andrew did way back then (almost 40 years ago!) was an Advanced Rider Training Course. This was run for an hour or two once a week over a number of weeks. Times may have changed; the internet has been invented and the UK is no longer at war with Argentina – but good riding skills are still good riding skills.

Andrew often refers to principals he learned back in the 80s. And they’re still valid now.

Andrew took a break from Motorcycles and spent an enormous amount of time and effort on his cycling. He came pretty close to winning the Gran Fondo once! Cycling kicked off Andrew’s love of coaching and seeing others succeed. He was part of a team that saw a number of Darwin locals push pretty hard – some to great success on a national level.


It was the pull of the wild that tempted Andrew back onto a motorcycle. Pretty quickly he got sucked into the BMW GS brand and enjoyed a number of trips almost as much as he enjoyed kicking tyres and planning. A G650 GS Sertao was followed by an R1200 GS Adventure.

Andrew has ridden off road between Sydney and Darwin several times. Yes, it’s possible to do the vast majority of it on the dirt!

Before Bike You was conceived, the only option for formal off road training was a flight to Sydney and a BMW GS Off Road Training School. Level 1 and Level 2 were completed and again, Andrew regularly draws on knowledge from these schools as an Instructor for Licenses and also in his Off Road Coaching here in Darwin,

 Andrew is a Certified Trainer and Assessor, qualified Motorcycle Instructor and is a Level 2 sports coach