This is the next step...

After six months on your L's you can take the next step towards an open licence here.

This course builds on the Pre-Learners course and will develop your skills further. Skills like counter steering, progressive braking and slow riding. We spend a little time talking through theory, but mostly we'll be out on the road practicing.

Once you've attended this course and demonstrated all the competences, the outcome is a Northern Territory Restricted Rider licence.

You need

A helmet.


Long sleeves.

Long pants.

A bike.



Bike Rental



Happy to help

The Learners Course and the Restricted Licence Course are are a 'one size fits all' sort of gig, and due to licensing requirements we must stick to the book.

However, if there are skills you'd like to work on, or you'd simply like to build your confidence, we're happy to help.


"Knowledgable and enthusiastic"

Being a self taught, relatively inexperienced rider I approached Tim to go back to the basics and build up my confidence. Tim identified areas he saw need improvement and also taught me things I had wanted to improve on. His enthusiastic and quality advice was very helpful and I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to ride.

 Sam Mazzer

“His enthusiasm drags you along"

Tim is the most fun on a motorbike of anyone I know. He genuinely loves every minute on the bike – he’s not faking it. He can make any challenge into a game, and that’s a very effective way to learn. I taught with him for years and I picked up so much just from watching him. There is no better way to get more out of your bike than to improve your skills, and Tim’s a great teacher because his enthusiasm drags you along.

 Steve Armitage (METAL)

"Skills to get you through your day to day riding"

I have done a fair bit of dirt riding and a lot of road racing with Tim. He's extremely capable with any discipline of motorbike riding and well worth listening to. He has all the skills to get you through your day to day riding.

— Adrian Luke